Thursday, January 23, 2014

Assignments I am Proud of

I think one of the projects I am most proud of is the Culture Clash. I think it is where I really got to show my own twist and point of view things. I liked being able to make something really surreal, because that is my favorite type of art. Making art that was meant to be funny or ridiculous was something that I feel like I am very suited to do. My sense of humor is such an important part of who I am. On top of that, I learned how to use the software photoshop. This has lead to me just messing around and using photoshop during my free time, so it was a great learning experience for me. 

Also, I am proud of the David Hockney collage that Jack Tobias and I created. Despite it not exactly following the rubric or getting a good grade, I'm happy with how it turned. It was an outlet for Jack and I to create something absurd that was also art. I think our collaborating ideas resulted in something very original, if not ideal. Doing that project taught me to look at scenes in many different ways, as that was the nature of the assignment. It also taught me to use many small mundane images, and use them to create something interesting and in my opinion artistic, if a bit chaotic.

Memorable Experiences

The first memorable experience from this semester was the David Hockney assignment. This was probably the most challenging project in this class for me. It challenged my partner and I to think outside of the box. I think it was a great art assignment just in nature because of the creativity it demanded. The good part about it was that even though it was challenging, it was very fun to do.

Another memorable project was the culture clash. It was maybe the most fun project for me, mostly because I got to learn how to use photoshop. During the time in class that we worked on the culture clash assignment, I got really familiar with the software, whereas before when I had tried playing around with it I had no idea what I was doing. As far as strictly learning to be a better photographer, I think the weekly photo assignments were the most beneficial to me. Learning about composition and elements of photos really helped me to just take better pictures.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Who Am I?

I am Ben Slayton. I think the best way I can sum myself up is with a quote from the film Scarface: "You need people like me. You need people like me so you can point your fingers and say, 'That's the bad guy.'" I am identified as a screw-up, but I like it. I think there is something very romantic about being the antagonist. Of course, I don't actually see myself as being that bad of a guy. I just like to have a good time; life is too short to deny yourself any pleasure. I'm also brutally honest, sometimes unnecessarily, with people. I have a short, fiery temper. My mood swings from being hyper and confident, to being completely jaded and bland.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pollution in China

He included both the scenery of the pollution and the people affected by it in one image sometimes. Without needing explanation, it was clear that the people were being affected by the smog in the sky or the polluted waters or piles of trash. The imagery is very strong and meaningful. I don’t think they are meant to be beautiful, they are meant to convey a meaning and message.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Culture Clash

I learned a lot about using photoshop during this project. I found that the most useful thing was knowing how to select areas in the most precise way. Also the adjustments in color and distortion of shape was very useful.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Spirit, Ben

I took this photo crouching down at the base of my christmas tree. The floor was actually freezing, since I took this picture at night when this room wasn't being heated. It smelled very piney, which is probably my favorite smell. I really dislike christmasy visuals, but I like the lens flare that the lights create in this photo.